I consider myself a newbie in the travel blogging game and considering the amount of travel I am yet to do, I had to figure out cheap ways to travel without breaking the bank. Here’s some few tips to help you on your travel journey:-

Planning and Getting Your Finances Right

Start saving! Take a small amount every month from your paycheck for your travel account.

Sacrificing comforts can be a huge money saver. Eat out less, buy groceries and cook from scratch or buy in bulk and on sale.Stack_of_money

Be specific about your travel goals. This will help in budgeting funds to reduce splurging. Always plan to pay for all your trips before you take them.

We waste a lot of money on things we really don’t need. Think about what you need and what you love.

Calculate Your Expenses

Having set up a goal, the next step to consider is the overall cost of a trip. Calculate each expense and decide how much you are willing to spend.


Flights can be the single most expensive purchase of any trip. Always compare ticket prices to get the best pricing. Buy tickets by using points or miles from airlines rather than using cash.

Alternative Accommodations


The Public Area Of A Hostel

Hospitality exchange sites like couchsurfing and staydu offer free accommodation and usually helps one connect with the locals and have local experiences.

House sitting, home swaps, hostel sites like Airbnb et al are alternatives to hotels. Compare prices on different hostels and save some money.

Transportation and Food

Opt for cheaper forms of transportation. Why take a taxi when you can take the bus? Travel like a local; taxis, ubers and renting cars add up fast.



Whenever I go somewhere new, the first thing I always try out is the local food, specifically street food. Maybe it’s because Kenya has an abudance of street food, so I always gravitate to such places. Street food is almost always cheap and almost always superbly delicious. You don’t always have to go to a 4-star restaurant, that will probably not even feature local dishes.


Work Abroad

Get a job at as a travel teacher. You’d be surprised at the demand for English teachers, especially in South East Asia and parts of Europe. Qualifications may range from just being a native speaker to having an undergraduate degree.

Common jobs like waitressing, bar tending, working in a farm e.t.c are ideal for earning cash while touring your country of choice.

Sites like Fiverr and craiglists are ways to work online and save some extra cash.

DSC00105No excuses now, get your feet on the road…and travel!


Love Life!


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