Sugarcane Restaurant

So why the name Sugarcane? At first I didn’t make the connection, then it hit me, what was the biggest export of the Caribbean islands back in the day? Sugarcane. But then again, i may be wrong. Located at Garden City, Sugarcane does Caribbean classics with exuberance. Jerk chicken, curry goat, escovitch fish and ox-tail … [Read more…]

The Big 7!

I recently did a piece on Victoria falls and it got me thinking, not much has been said about Kenya’s waterfalls….and boy are they beautiful, and stunning, and scenic. Surely worth a visit! Sheldrick Falls Located at Shimba Hills National Reserve, Sheldrick Falls is a 21 m high fall with a natural plunge pool. One … [Read more…]

Bucket List Saturday #8 – Table Mountain

Where Location: Cape Town, South Africa Height: 3,563ft above sea level Facts Table mountain is a flat-topped mountain that is featured in the Flag of Cape town and other local government insignia. The original name of Table Mountain was Howrikwaggo which means ‘mountain in the sea’ or ‘sea mountain’. Table Mountain is over 260 million years … [Read more…]

Safari Checklist

Being on safari is is one of the best trips you can take but packing for a safari can be a challenge. So while roughing it up on safari Kenya, here  are some useful tips. Clothes Safaris tend to be quite dusty, so khakis are obvious choices when it comes to concealing the dust. Comfortability … [Read more…]

Bucket List Saturday #7 – Giza Pyramids

Where Location: Giza Plateau Address: Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt Facts One of the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Giza complex consists of three large pyramids. The pyramids at Giza were built approximately 2,500 BC by Pharoah Khufu, his son Khafre, and Khafre’s predecessor, Menkaure. The Giza Necropolis consists of the 3 iconic … [Read more…]

Affordable Travel Guide

I consider myself a newbie in the travel blogging game and considering the amount of travel I am yet to do, I had to figure out cheap ways to travel without breaking the bank. Here’s some few tips to help you on your travel journey:- Planning and Getting Your Finances Right Start saving! Take a … [Read more…]