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We are proud to present you with a wonderful selection of memorabilia, art and goodies from Kenya. All our products are sold via, which means you have safety in payment processing, warranty and global delivery. All guaranteed by the global Amazon brand!

The trustworthy Kenya online shops with high quality products are few and far between. At Kenyan Moments we have decided to go via Amazon to ensure you get the very best of Kenyan shopping whilst still having all the benefits of a major brand.

If you are looking for specific products related to Kenya or East Africa that we are not currently featuring, please send us an email at

Kenyan Markets and Stores

Kenyan markets are exciting. You get to haggle. Find real African crafts. Exceptional masaai creations. We have collected a wide range of these wonderful treasures from East Africa in our Kenya Online Store – and you do not even need to haggle.

We have added in some more fresh items like modern Nairobi T-shirts, souvenirs from Diani Beach, Mombasa phone covers for your new iphone and not least Kenya travel essentials. All you need for a successful trip. A new great camera for the safari, a travel suitcase or a guide on tourist safety in Kenya. You will find it all in your Kenyan Online Store. With all the safety of Amazon shopping and delivery worldwide!

Kenya Online Store with african crafts, kenyan travel essentials and tradional kenya clothing Kenya Online Store with african crafts, kenyan travel essentials and tradional kenya clothing Kenya street market Kenya Online Store with african crafts, kenyan travel essentials and tradional kenya clothing

Welcome to the Kenyan Moments Store. We feature a wide range of crafts from Kenya, Masaai traditional handyworks, African masks and statues, Souvenirs from Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenyan clothing, travel books and holiday essentials for your safari and much much more.

Featured Products from Kenya

Kenyan Crafts
Arts and crafts from Kenya. Handmade fairtrade products displaying the wonderful culture of Kenya. Produced by Kenyan artists and craftsmen. Souvenirs from tourist gift shops are nice. Nothing beats real crafts!

Traditional Kenyan Clothes
Beautiful East African clothing. Traditional dresses from Kenya in all the colors of the rainbows and spanning from modern cuts to old tribal war. Lovely shukas. Classic masaai dresses. Tribal outfits. Special Kenyan clothing!

Kenya Travel Books
Inspiration for travels to Kenya, learn about interesting places to go in Mombasa or Nairobi, get the tips and tricks you need for a successful African safari and enjoy the spoils of Kenya! Do not miss out. Get your Kenyan travel guides!

Films About Kenya
Kenya is incredibly photogenic. Follow the cameras around the Easter African country from the beaches of Mombasa, through the busy buzz of Nairobi to the endless savanna with incredibly wildlife roaming about.

Kenya Travel Essentials
Wanna come prepared for your journey to Kenya? Here is all you need. From a superb camera to capture those special moments, via quality suitcases that will survive the luggage handlers to those adapters we always forget!

Masaai World
Masaais are known across the globe. The fierce warrior tribe are tall, dressed in red and have a becoming a man ritual that ideally involves killing a lion with nothing but a spear. Explore this extraordinary culture and its spoils!

African Safari DVDs
Do you dream about seeing a live elephant, lion or rhino in the wild? Many people do and in Kenya you actually might! If you want to warm up or have a look at those you didnt meet in the flesh, try our glorious safari DVD movie!

Kenyan History Books
Interested in the history of Kenya? Try our selection of book on the history of Kenya, the political and social situation, the background and development of things happening in the pearl of East Africa. Have a nice read!

Kenyan Music
Swahili songs and traditional tribal music from Kenya ready to fill your ears. We have mixed some recent day Kenyan vibe releases in the mix. Get all your Kenyan rhythms and beats on CD or other medias of your choice!

Mens Kenya Clothing
Do you fancy a funny Straight Outta Nairobi T-shirt or a memorable I LOVE Kenya outfit? Have a cruise around or mens clothing store with plenty of nice quality shirts for men of all shapes and sizes!

Female Kenya Clothing
Female clothes from Kenya tend to be wonderfully colorful, excitingly sprawling and expressive. Have a look at some examples in our female African clothes store, where you can grab a nice t-shirt as memorabilia as well!

Kenya For Kids
Kenya for kids? Oh yes! Kenya delivers lovely experiences for your kids as well. But aside from that we have selected a wide range kids toys, puzzles and exciting dolls to remember Kenya by. All in high quality!

Kenya Phone Gadgets
Would you like to spice up your phone with some Kenyan gadgets? We have a good range of new Kenyan covers for Iphones, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note and many other models with motives from all over Kenya!

Kenyan Posters & Art
Decorate your walls with a wonderful banana leaf painting from Kenyan artists. Stun your visitors with a wall poster of the beautiful savanna. Have a real Kenyan oilpainting to enjoy and adore!

Kenya Car Accessories
You obviously need to advertise your love of Kenya to the wider world. What way is better than a custom number plate frame, a bumper sticker or window stickers for your beloved car? Get the Kenyan car accessories here!

Kenya Computer Games
Oh yes! You can visit Kenya on your computer! Play funny safari computer games. Try virtual visits to Nairobi. Learn swahili in interactive language programs on your laptop. Have a browse at our software picks!

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