Welcome to our Kenya photo gallery. These are all our private shots from around Kenya and travels abroad. You are most welcome to peek, admire, complain and adore – but please do not steal any without asking first.

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    Kenya Online Store We are proud to present you with a wonderful selection of memorabilia, art and goodies from Kenya. All our products are sold via Amazon.com, which means you have safety in payment processing, warranty and global delivery. All guaranteed by the global Amazon brand! The trustworthy Kenya online…
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    Beautiful Kenya - Maasai Market SquareRight at the heart of Nairobi you will find a huge street market with an overwhelming amount of interesting stalls featuring local Kenyan craft works, art pieces, tourist souvenirs, traditional African jewelry and much more. You better put your haggling hat on. Every price is bargained for. But even if…
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    ON AN ECSTATIC HOLIDAY!Hello my lovely readers! So as you may have noticed, this week's post hasn't been up yet. This is all M's fault! He surprisingly took me out for a short holiday (as if i'm complaining hehe). This is not only totally sweet of him, but it's the perfect opportunity to…
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    Karen Blixen In KenyaKaren Blixen is a literary pride of Denmark but of Kenya as well. The Danish writer lived from 1885 till 1962 and is primarily known for novels based on her time spent in Kenya at her farm outside Nairobi. The main work by Karen Blixen was the majestic novel Out…
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    Beautiful Kenya - Mombasa FishermenKenya is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. Just driving down the road right outside Mombassa. Suddenly a wonderful riverbed with fishermen busy at work unfolds. Its a simple little piece of everyday life in Kenya but aesthetically it is unrivaled.
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