So why the name Sugarcane? At first I didn’t make the connection, then it hit me, what was the biggest export of the Caribbean islands back in the day? Sugarcane. But then again, i may be wrong.

Located at Garden City, Sugarcane does Caribbean classics with exuberance. Jerk chicken, curry goat, escovitch fish and ox-tail stew are just some of the dishes on the menu. One thing is for sure, the fiery Caribbean food hasn’t been toned down for our delicate Swahili palates.

Pic 2                      Pic 4                          Pic 3 Pic 6

I ordered the plantain with jerk chicken and a side of spinach. It was  mouthwatering good. The ingredients were fresh and the flavours spicy. Although, that might have had something to do with the fact that i ordered mine extra spicy. I literally had to pat down my forehead. Oh the feels! And then i asked for seconds…yep, the prices are pocket friendly.

Pic 1 Jerk chicken with plantain and Spinach

My only criticism would be the drinks. I had the iced tea that turned out to be more of iced lemonade. At least the syrup helped.

Sugarcane sure is bringing a new kind of spice to Nairobi. Trust me, it’s the most alluring Caribbean food I’ve ever eaten and should be for you too.



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